New Releases - Two Oldies Revisited!!

26 Aug 2003

For your nostalgic pleasure, we proudly release two wonderful oldies originally recorded in the Hobart studios back in the seventies titled BOTH SIDES OF JOHN SIDNEY and TELETUNES. They were both recently remastered onto CD by Robert Dillon (RD Productions, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

BOTH SIDES OF JOHN SIDNEY CD is a real classic and is a reproduction of the original vinyl LP produced in the early seventies, a few years after John had left Channel Six and opened the John Sidney Piano Centre in 1973. As a John Sidney Piano Centre Production, the disc was recorded in Hobart by John Grace. In addition to John, other artists who appear are Mike Colrain (drums) and Robert Hewer (bass) on the piano side, and Mike Colrain on the Organ side.

On the original LP one side of the LP saw John playing piano and on the other side he played organ. Covering a wide range of easy-listening music, John included two of his own pieces, "Summer Night", which is a slow haunting ballad; and "Casino", which appropriately enough, is a vibrant, rhythmic, up-tempo piece which John was inspired to write when the casino opened in Hobart in 1972.

Most of the popular standards heard will be familiar to those who enjoyed the talents of John Sidney as an entertainer over the years, as a regular or guest at every major venue around Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

The CD cover design resembles that of the original black and white record cover, but a little colour was added to set it apart from the original record.

So popular was the LP at the time it was promoted on TV, orders exceeded double that of the quantity initially produced.

Both Sides Of John Sidney


The TELETUNES album is a reproduction of a commercially produced cassette recorded during the early days of television when John Sidney and Peter Richman played live on their very popular request show “Tea Time Tunes” (from the sixties), which was later revived as "Teletunes".

John played piano and Peter played the Hammond organ.

The TV audience would mail in their requests and John and Peter would play them live.

The recording of the original cassette was done by Ian Filby.



Click on each CD image to view the song lists and sample the music. All tracks can be sampled on each CD, just as you can on all our CD's.