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Both Sides Of John Sidney

This CD is a real classic. It is a re-mastered reproduction of the original vinyl LP which John produced in the early 1970s after he left Channel Six and opened the John Sidney Piano Centre in Hobart, Tasmania in 1973. One side of the LP featured John on the piano. The other side had John playing the organ. The LP was promoted on TV and it was so popular that first orders exceeded double the quantity initially produced.



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  1. Japanese Sandman
  2. Near You
  3. Side Saddle
  4. Summer Night
  5. St Louis Blues
  6. Wunderbar
  7. Wonderful Copenhagen
  8. Tippy Tippy Tin
  9. Casino
  10. Java (Wurlitzer Organ)
  11. Jim's Waltz (I Shall Return) (Wurlitzer Organ)
  12. Sentimental Journey (Wurlitzer Organ)
  13. Caravan (Wurlitzer Organ)
  14. Baby Elephant Walk (Wurlitzer Organ)
  15. The Wedding (Wurlitzer Organ)

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