John Sidney was a part of the Tasmanian entertainment scene for many years, both as a live entertainer and a television performer. He was a regular guest at every major venue around Hobart for many years, and was considered an institution in Tasmanian entertainment.

At the early age of eight years, John began his career by playing at his first professional engagement in dance halls. He later became well known on radio and television, particularly on his long-running TV series "Teatime Tunes", (and later "Teletunes") in which he appeared with fellow musician Peter Richman

John was a very clever magician and ventriloquist, and for many years in the early days of Hobart television, he produced and compered the children's TV show with his famous doll Charlie.

During the early 1970s John released his first LP titled "Both Sides Of John Sidney". It was so popular at the time it was promoted on TV, orders exceeded double that of the quantity initially produced.

In later years John's appearances as an entertainer expanded to mainland Australia where he performed at venues throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Due to popular demand for his music, John later released a series of CDs recorded in Hobart studios. This website, dedicated to his works, made its debut on line 22nd November 2001 taking his music around the world.