Printed with permission. Some information may have been blanked out for security purposes. 

6th January 2012

From Laurieton, New South Wales, Australia 

Dear Graeme,

Today is January 6th, just been to collect my mail, having just got my man home from rehab he said Patty (that’s the pet name he calls me) go out and have some me time I will be ok, still thinking of the other person as always that’s my man.

Was little apprehensive but off I went, oh my what a surprise to see in my PO box yes my music arrived!! and me thinking hope the money was in the bank as pension week is not till next Thursday, oh well put the parcel in the boot and did a little me time then must go home see how Brian has coped without his carer for awhile well he was sitting in his chair watching the cricket a man thing. Then put my food away then the next thing oh my music, What beautiful packed music, put the first one on and then the tears flowed as I listened to that piano played by John, you don’t know how much I will always treasure these CDs, sorry can’t see now tears again then I read the enclosed letter and read it to my husband who was now in bed we both say you are a real Christian and thank you from the bottom of our hearts amen. Your kindness to us will be rewarded back to you, I know the good Lord will bless you, it’s like the circle goes around and can’t be broken, that’s another favourite of mine will the circle be unbroken by and by Lord by and by, just listening to Joyce number 7 He Giveth More Grace. S.A.S.B. Was another of my favourites Bless you in your ministry Graeme. His love has no limits his power no boundaries for out of his infinite riches in Jesus he giveth and giveth and giveth again. I remembered the words oh bless you for this wonderful gift to us AMEN THANK YOU JESUS , WILL WRITE YOU AGAIN SOON ALL OUR LOVE AND THANKYOU, PAT AND BRIAN ... 2012 IS GOING TO BE OUR BEST.XXXX