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24th September 2011

From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

Dear Graeme

Please find enclosed my cheque ... dated 24/9/2011 for $... for the full (followed by a tick) set of the 12 John Sidney Collection of the piano C/D's.

Thank you for the very professional way you presented John's piano music in the plastic cases and cardboard boxes. It got to me at ... in "excellent" condition and I have played and enjoyed the collection (whenever I had spare time between doctors / nurses visits) and it was a real "tonic" as I "adore" piano music.

You said in your note to - enjoy - and I sure have. (many ticks)

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you - Best of wishes and rest assured I will have MANY hours of pleasurable listening in the months ahead.

Yours faithfully,

Cliff ...


GP pic Letters like Cliff's makes our efforts in sharing John Sidney's music with others to enjoy all so worthwhile.  

John's piano music is gold to our current elderly generation, particularly in western world countries. The many testimonials we receive testify to that fact.

Graeme Pope