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16th January 2011 

From Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Dear Graeme and Sandra

Please find attached money order for $__.00 covering cost of four CD's of John's brilliant piano music & cost of handling and postage. I am a saxophonist and played for old time dancing for 13 years as well as playing for weekly seniors dance for six years. My music journey began when I was 8 years of age playing in our school band - one of only three school bands in QLD at the time. My one regret is that I didn't know John when he visited Bundaberg and would loved to have made his acquaintance. A bit long in the tooth now but I have my beautiful Bose music system and can relive all those old melodies that I love so much.

Best wishes to you both and thank you for keeping GOOD music alive.

Yours sincerely,