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8th September 2005

From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dear Graeme,

Received those great CD's. Thanks for the free one.

About Cedric Smith, he is a radio announcer on 2NBC FM . It's a popular station owned by a church and plays the old popular style of music all week. Cedric's on Tuesday morning each week and around about 10AM he plays two of John's recordings, which is very popular with listeners. My wife and myself were so impressed with John's playing. I rang Cedric and asked him where I could get a recording because I had looked around the music shops with no success. So he put me on to you.

I'm 83 years of age, my wife is an old piano player from way back. I try to play all John's tunes on our old piano and even though I'm not much good, we put in many happy hours of listening and playing.

Thanks Graeme. All the best.  

Ray & June.

PS If you ever should need 2NBC's number; 02 9534 2888 FM 90.1