Printed with permission. Some information has been blanked out for security purposes. John Brumby email received 26th May 2004

26th May 2004

Received from Port Macquarie, New South wales, Australia


Hello Graeme,
I have for some time been meaning to contact you with regard to your business in selling John's music.  (Mark B ....... has just shown me your letter to him dated 23 April.)
As you are now probably aware, we operated Mother Mayo's Coffee Lounge in Port Macquarie for nearly six years after moving north from Burnie,Tasmania. 
Over the past year or two we had been playing John's CDs in the Coffee Lounge and the music generated a phenominal amount of interest amongst our clientele, many of whom were elderly.  We happened on the CDs initially via family connections in Hobart, and having listened to them at home realised their value for background music.
This consequently resulted in almost daily inquiries as to whose music and where can I get it?  Some customers did manage to get some CDs from local retailers, but this source appeared to dry up.  Then someone searched the net and gave me your contact which I passed on to many others.
I had intended to make a business arrangement with you, however in November 03, Mark & Tracy became interested in purchasing the Coffee Lounge. So not being sure of how they wanted to run the business, I simply stayed with the referral system.
Anyway, thats the background.  It is certainly very popular music, as it relates to the "family round the piano" before TV took over.  It was not uncommon for us to hear people singing, whistling and toe tapping along with the music.  I know many stayed and had another coffee while they listened and relived their memories!
Goodluck with your business, you have a great product!
John (& Mayo) Brumby