A Word From A Satisfied Customer

21 Aug 2007

Occasionally a CD in an order turns out to be faulty. It's rare but it does happen.

A client of ours from NSW, Australia received a faulty Sing-A-Long with John Sidney CD recently. Fortunately she contacted us about it and we were able to replace it for her.

When this happens our usual practice is to add a free complimentary CD with the replacement CD as compensation for the inconvenienced caused.

Our aim has always been, and always will be, to provide the best possible customer service we can. It is most important to us that our clients not only enjoy John's wonderful piano music, but their experience with discovering and acquiring it is equally as pleasant for them. All said and done, that is the object of the whole exercise on our part.

Emails like yours Coral, makes the effort all so worthwhile.

Many thanks again for your 'thank you' and positive comments which are most appreciated.

Graeme & Sandra

Hi Graeme and Sandra

Have just received my replacement CD of “Singalong” along with the complimentary CD “John Sydney Entertains” and would like to thank you very much for both copies.

I am very impressed with the way this has been handled as I said on the phone I was really disappointed when the copy I had, just stopped halfway through and I am now overjoyed I have a replacement.

You are doing a wonderful job with your legacy of a wonderful mans great talent with music.

These CDs are just wonderful. I have just played the “John Sidney Entertains” CD and yes, you are right Graeme, I have enjoyed that as much as the others – They all bring back great memories for me as a child when my parents and their families would sing so many of these great songs around a piano, I am very much looking forward to playing them for my siblings as we are having a little family reunion in a few weeks .

I was wondering if you have thought of putting together a CD of the “War Songs” I know there are a few on the CDs but is there anything available or that you might be able to do to have them on a CD – Just a thought.

Once again Many Many Thanks for your wonderful work and for your reaction to my phone call the other day, I am sure John Sydney would be very proud of your dedication, enthusiasm and understanding of his great works.

Hope to be ordering some more CDs soon

Regards and very Best Wishes