Another Wonderful Sound From The West!

10 Oct 2003

Recently whilst in Perth, Western Australia I had the good fortune to meet another rather amazing and outstanding musician, Kathleen Gibson. She is a pianist and organist of many many years. Like John, her greatest joy is to play music. She especially loves her electronic organ and enjoys every minute she is playing it. Constantly she searches for new pieces and new arrangement challenges.

Laurie (Kathleen's husband) was saying that in her early years, Kathleen was educated in classical piano, and by the time she reached her early teens her natural talent enabled her to achieve much earlier than usual her formal 'A. mus. A.' (AMEB) in piano.

Kathleen later broadened her playing to the electronic organ, as they became popular, and for well over thirty years has been a church organist. Since moving to the electronic organ, initially for her own enjoyment, she has kept abreast of each new advance in technology in each new model, as it became available. For more than fifteen years she has been invited to give 'solo artiste' concerts on organ in and around Perth.

Kathleen's favourite instrument is the Yamaha EL 90 Electone 'orchestral' organ on which she is able to gather her own special sounds, and put together her own arrangements.

As a talented musician, Kathleen's repertoire spans each style and genre of music. And in most cases her program in concerts has included selections from most styles. Her programs have often been recorded on request.

Laurie applied his computer skills to professionally record his wife's music on to as many as twelve different CDs. The only instrument playing the music in any of her recordings is solely her own Yamaha electone EL90 organ which produces the sound of an orchestra.

Two sound samples are available for downloading by clicking on the links below. If you would like to purchase some of Kathleen's CDs please e-mail Laurie Gibson at . You'll certainly receive a lot of listening pleasure from these wonderful albums.


SAMPLE 1 "With Sword And Lance"

SAMPLE 2 "Charmaine"