Detailed Information re Ordering CDs Online

10 Sep 2005

In the past some clients have requested more detailed information about ordering CDs using our SECURE online ORDER CDs page. Hopefully the following instructions will answer any queries you may have about completing your CD order online.

On the first page of the online 'ORDER CDs' page, the price per CD and the TOTAL price are displayed automatically as you enter a number in the 'Qty' box next to each CD you would like to purchase. Normally that would be a '1' unless you require more than one of that particular CD. The more CDs you buy the lower the individual price of each CDs becomes. If you end up buying all 12 CDs you only end up paying a total of AU$230 plus postage and handling costs, which is also displayed automatically.

On the first page there is a 'Handling and Postage' option 'A' or 'B'. Option 'A' will include the CDs completely assembled in there cases with front and back covers inserted.

Option 'B' saves our overseas clients a considerable amount of money for postage by not including the CD case in the order. The parcel becomes considerably smaller and therefore much cheaper to post to you. You can compare the difference by watching the postage price change automatically as you select between option 'A' and option 'B'. With option 'B' we send you the CDs with the front and back covers only and no CD case. You then purchase CD cases or a CD wallet locally to store your CDs. Even though you are paying the same for the CDs with or without the CD cases, when you select option 'B' the cost of not purchasing the CD case is factored into the option 'B' postage price.

All prices are displayed in Australian Dollars, however, if you want to see how much your order will be approximately in your own currency, there is a link to a currency converter at the bottom of the page. Even though you order in Australian Dollars, your credit card statement you receive from your bank will display the equivalent price for your order in your own currency.

After you have selected the CDs you would like, you then click on 'Proceed with order' (grey button) which will take you into the second page of the order process. This page will show you a summary of your order and allow you to enter your personal details and credit card number.

After you have completed the online form you then click on 'Submit Order' and we will receive your order and process it straight away. You will receive an automatically generated 'Order Confirmation' email which will display all your order details except your credit card details. The 'Order Confirmation' email will have an order number on it for your future reference

Our 'ORDER CDs' page is a secure page, which means that if anyone tries to intercept your order as you process it, they will only receive a whole lot of garbled meaningless computer symbols. We pay quite a lot each year to provide this service for our customers as we realise our clients safety with online ordering is of prime importance. Please don't send credit card details by email as email is not secure and can be intercepted, though highly unlikely, when you send the email.

Please don't hesitate to contact Graeme or Sandra Pope if you have any further queries about John Sidney's piano music CDs or ordering them. Contact details are on the Contact Us page.