Other Currencies Activated in Our PayPal Account

29 Oct 2003

For your convenience, we have taken advantage of the additional currency options available in our PayPal account and, besides US Dollars, we have activated Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Stirling, Yen and Australian Dollars.

PayPal lets you send money in any of the currencies we offer (U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen and Australian Dollars) without having to open a currency balance.

When you enter the PayPal page during the placing of your order, you will see a little blue box with a '?' in it after the "Currency: U.S. Dollars" line.

Click on that little blue box with the '?' and follow the PayPal instructions.

On the Payment Details page, PayPal will show you the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount in your Primary Currency (generally, U.S. Dollars).

When you pay, PayPal will handle the conversion for you.

Christmas is neigh. Happy shopping!