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Ragtime Rhythms

This album has 27 minutes of unforgettable ragtime tunes. John's own composition, titled VAN DIEMEN RAG, has been included as it truly showcases his fast finger work on the keyboard and reveals the depth and extent of his magnificent talent as a composer and a pianist. Not all the songs are 'rags' but as John plays every arrangement on a honky tonk-tuned piano, it gives each one a distinctive and bright, easy listening 'rag' ring.



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  1. Ivory Rag
  2. Glad Rag
  3. Van Diemen Rag
  4. Saint Louis Blues
  5. Jazz Me Blues
  6. Moonglow
  7. When The Saints Go Marching In
  8. And They Called It Dixieland
  9. Ragging The Scales
  10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  11. Alley Cat
  12. Twelth Street Rag
  13. Black And White Rag

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