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6th January 2012

John Turner is a volunteer presenter at Adelaide FM 101.5 , Adelaide, South Australia 

Good afternoon Graeme,

This afternoon your much awaited parcel of John Sidney CD Music arrived here safely and I need to express my gratitude to you for your kindness.

Without delay I had the parcel opened up and began to select and play my favourite songs. I agree with you entirely that the melody in each rendition is not hidden in overly decorated piano dressing. This makes for easier appreciation of each tune. In addition most numbers have a delightful rhythm and it seems hard to not grab a partner and start dancing, even around the kitchen floor!

I posted one of the catalogues immediately to Lyn ... of Tea Tree Gully who is interested in making a purchase. No doubt you will be hearing from her next week. She heard me on Radio last week.

My new roster for volunteer radio presenting also arrived in today's mail, and I note I am rostered for 6 February and 20 February and also two dates in March. On all of these dates I will be playing John Sidney twice in my programmes, so it will be interesting to see what reaction this will create. Each time I will use different tunes and styles. How fortunate I am to have this wonderful commodity at my disposal.

I await your call to make plans to meet when you are in Adelaide. Thank you again for your gift of this great Australian artist which I am happy to make known in my corner of this state. By the way, I think it is incredible that John Sidney and I have the same name, at least phonetically!

In appreciation,

John Sydney Turner