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1st November 2011

From Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


Dear Graeme,

The C.D.'s arrived a couple of days ago and I have posted the ones for Bob Male today as I won't be seeing them before Xmas. Thank you for sending them. It was great to have a chat to you and what a small world it is!

I have been playing that lovely music for days now and it's what my mother used to play on our piano when my sister and I were growing up, so I know she is going to love her Xmas present!

Being in a "flying" family, my 3 children all live somewhere else, so I'm off to K.L. for Xmas!


Carlene ...  


GP pic It is a small world indeed. Carlene used to fly with Ansett as a flight attendant back in the early years of my career as Flight Engineer with Ansett. In 1987 I was one of 13 Ansett Flight Engineers seconded to Qantas for 2 and a half years where I gained my endorsement on Boeing 747's. Bob Male was the Chief Flight Engineer at the time for whom I have great respect. It turns out that Carlene is a good long time friend of the Male family. It was a delight to be reunited with both through John's music.   Graeme