TESTIMONIAL: :Marlene Charnock testimonial letter

Printed with permission.

16th September 2004

Received from Bathurst, NSW, Australia
Marlene Charnock
Diversional Therapist
Macquarie Care Centre
PO Box 2053


16th September 2004.


Dear Graeme

I would like to provide you with feedback on the CD's. They are nearly worn out. The residents really love them and even some of the younger staff have commented on them. I myself feel that they are the best collection of music for those that I am caring for that I have come across. The facility is divided up into four cottages and the CD's are on in the background on most days. I have also incorporated them into theme days.

Once again thank you for your hard work in putting this collection together as it makes my work much easier in providing quality resource to those I care for.

 Marlene Charnock

Diversional Therapist, Macquarie Care Centre, Bathurst, NSW.