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Friday, 18. October 2013 09:50  Write a comment

Love listening to John's music. Am a massive fan.
Friday, 19. July 2013 18:51  Write a comment

Beautiful music! I wished I had discovered it 25 years ago. I work with the elderly in care and they enjoy this music so much.
Thursday, 11. August 2011 04:19  Write a comment Send E-mail

Very nice piano playing just love it! I have a baby grand and I play a lot of classical music myself so I very much appreciate your music.
John Salter  
Monday, 11. July 2011 01:08  Write a comment Send E-mail

From the age of about 11 till 16 I used to travel out to John's place in Hobart for weekly piano lessons.

It was invaluable, as John taught me all the basics required to play and arrange music.

That was now over 50 years ago and I am still managing to make occasional outings playing with bands. Probably not as good as you played them John but certainly enjoying every moment of sharing a tune with other musicians and the people who really make music, the audience.

What you have given me and possibly other students, is one of the greatest gifts imaginable. A lifetime of music.

As a young kid I probably never appreciated this as much as you do when you get older so I probably never really thanked you for this. So wherever you are playing at the moment John I hope this thank you get's to you. Thanks mate!

John Salter
Paula Woodward  
Tuesday, 18. January 2011 22:40  Write a comment Send E-mail

John Sidney used to live up the street from us in the 70's and 80's. He tuned our piano for us. When he had finished tuning he would play a few tunes. I used to love that bit.

Late last year my husband and I were touring in NW Tasmania. We visited the Allendale gardens between Stanley and Smithton. They were playing a John Sidney CD in the gardens and we were able to purchase one there.

I think it's great that the music of this very talented man lives on.
Sunday, 2. January 2011 11:48  Write a comment

I found a sampler of Johns music in my mother-in-laws CD's. The name was familiar, popped it in the CD player and wow, instant recognition, John taught me music way, way, way back in Hobart. Marvelous musician and teacher.
Laelia Waters  
Tuesday, 16. February 2010 05:53  Write a comment Send E-mail

John Sidney's music is always a pleasure to listen to for relaxation and enjoyment.
His entertaining type of different tempos, styles and easy listening is very pleasurable indeed. Wherever one is, hearing the sounds of the piano or organ is music to the ears of many folk. Many hours are spent in our house just listening to John's wonderful sounds.
Vince Downey  
Monday, 17. December 2007 00:40  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Kerri, just remembering John again and thought of him on his anniversary in November. I have changed my E-mail address to the above for any future contact.
I was wondering where he is buried. I am going to Hobart early in 2008 & would like to visit his grave.

Every best wish, Vince Downey
Vincent Downey  
Monday, 6. June 2005 05:25  Write a comment Send E-mail

I am a friend of John's from Hobart, Tasmania, now living in Melbourne. I first got to know John while working at Allans Music (Australia)Limited 147 Liverpool Street in late 1960's. He had his teaching studio at the rear of the store. I am a pianist/organist and he taught me a lot. I even baby sat for him once. A lovely personality. I was sad to hear he had died 11th Nov 2002. A great site to his memory. Vince Downey
Tuesday, 19. April 2005 03:19  Write a comment

Thank you so much for the pleasure you have brought to us with this lovely collection of music. What tallent John Sidney had. We relive so many memories with this beautiful music of John Sidney. For us oldies it doesn't get much better than this.
Tuesday, 19. April 2005 03:10  Write a comment

I am quite new to the internet and I was searching for some nostalgic music when I found this web site. This is exactly the type of music I was looking for.

Thank you once again for your prompt and caring service. It is so refreshing to meet such wonderful people as yourselves on the web. Lots of love, Nora
Tuesday, 19. April 2005 02:47  Write a comment

Just happened upon your site. Very relaxing music you have. I enjoyed my visit and listening to all those samples!! I'll be back.
Saturday, 9. April 2005 18:00  Write a comment

Unbelievable! What a great talent John Sidney had. I have never heard that style of piano playing played with such skill and to such perfection! My wife and I enjoy this type of music so much but find it difficult to buy anywhere these days.

We haven't stopped playing the CDs since they arrived. Thank you for your prompt service and for taking the initiative to preserve this great artists work and sharing it with the likes of us around the world! You are doing a splendid job of it. Well done 'downunder'.

A John Sidney fan forever, Tom
Friday, 14. January 2005 12:44  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi a friend played a cd thinking at my age i would not know or like the music,i ended up singing most of the tracks. but i grew up on this music (raised by grandparents) my gran played the piano and we had lots of sing a longs I love this music.And i am definitley ordering when my friends order their next one. I am a great fan
Wednesday, 29. December 2004 21:37  Write a comment

Great talent. Glad I found your site. I have been amusing myself for the best part of 2 hours downloading and playing most of the samples. It was fun - thank you.
Tuesday, 28. December 2004 11:36  Write a comment

I have just discovered your web site and enjoyed listening to the music samples so much. My only regret is that I didn't discover it in time to buy some for Christmas gifts, as I have several members of the family and friends who would really relate to this lovely music. There's always next year and they do have birthdays too, so Ill be back for sure. Your web site is so easy to navigate. Thank you for this bit of joy you have added to our lives. All the best for 2005. Dorothy
Saturday, 18. December 2004 19:42  Write a comment

All those wonderful old memories played so beautifully by John Sidney. What a tallent!! My mother just loves her CDs and has this music playing continuously and says it is the best gift I have ever bought her. Thank you once again for sharing this beautiful music with us and have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2005, Maureen
cliff killick  
Sunday, 5. December 2004 00:43  Write a comment

I have sat in the same bars and room with JS and have had him play requests He was very good I remember him when he started playing on the local TV all those years ago It made a nice surprise to open my email and get my Seniority news letter I am a ex brit from the 1950I must admit I have not noticed his CD around it was nice to hear a few tracks Thank you Cliff
Friday, 13. August 2004 09:50  Write a comment

I agree with the many comments in this guestbook, John Sidney's piano playing is just amazing.

I enjoyed downloading some of the music samples. Your website is nice and simple to navigate - congratulations on a job well done! I'll certainly tell others about this website.
Friday, 16. July 2004 01:33  Write a comment

love listning to your nostalgic music
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