Re Notifying Competition Winners

09 Dec 2004

At times we experience a 'no response' from competition winners when notifying them that they are a winner.

We believe this could in part, be due to the increase in SPAM and computer viruses which has caused the more prudent computer operator to install spam filtering and anti-virus software.

With this in mind, we have found the need to avoid using the terms 'Congratulations ... ', 'you are the winner .. ', 'free CD' etc in the subject box on emails we send.

In future, if you are lucky enough to be a competition winner, the subject description in the email we send you may seem a little bland. However, hopefully, this will prevent spam and anti-virus software rejecting any emails we send to our competition winners.

If we don't receive a response within a reasonable time after the draw, (approximately three to four weeks), then we conduct a redraw for that particular month. For example, the winner of our AUGUST 2004 competition was the result of a third redraw! (Third time lucky Scott!) 

We realise there are other reasons for a slow or no response too, i.e. change in email address, (in which case we have no way of contacting the winner unless we are advised accordingly), or some could be away on holidays. We do send follow-up emails while waiting for a response and before conducting a redraw.

We refrain from publishing names and contact details in our newsletters in search of a competition winner in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

Competition results are published here on our Winners page once we receive a response from the winner.

Remember, you can enter our monthly FREE CD GIVE-AWAY COMPETITION as many times as you wish, provided you refer a different friend with each entry.